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Abhishek Obla Hema

Senior Data Engineer - Walmart USA (2.17 Cr Annual CTC)

Shashank's Data Engineering course is exceptional, cutting straight to the fundamentals with practical, real-world applications. The skills I gained helped me secure multiple Senior Data Engineering offers at top companies. His clear explanations, hands-on projects, and passion for teaching made learning enjoyable and impactful. Highly recommended for both freshers and experienced candidates looking to elevate their data engineering skills. Thank you, Shashank, for your dedication and excellence. Keep up the fantastic work!

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Shekhar Raghuvanshi

Senior Data Engineer - Daniel Wellington (75 LPA)

"Shashank’s exceptional mentoring, evident through his wealth of experience reflected in his teaching, coupled with his unwavering support and availability on the Discord channel, has been invaluable since my enrollment in the June'23 Bootcamp. I highly endorse Shashank's bootcamp for those initiating their career journey or aiming to transition into the field of Data Engineering. Affordable and great quality content by him. Massive kudos to the GrowDataSkills team.!!!"

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AWS Developer - Capgemini (33 LPA)

"I joined Grow Data Skills in March 2024, and the course helped me acquire the necessary skills to meet the current market demands. As most organizations are moving into the cloud, the demand for Data Engineering professionals is growing day by day. Grow Data Skills is doing an excellent job by providing the necessary training to help individuals become market-ready with these skills. I received a good number of interview questions and preparation materials from Shashank and the team. They also offered separate doubt-clearing sessions, which were incredibly helpful. In the end, I felt confident and well-prepared, which proved invaluable in clearing interviews successfully. "

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Sharat Chandra Tiwary

Data Engineer - Lingaro (30 LPA)

"The comprehensive training provided by their expert instructors(Shashank) has truly transformed my understanding of complex data concepts and methodologies. The interactive nature of the courses fosters a dynamic learning environment, allowing for personalized guidance and support every step of the way. Thanks to Grow Data Skills, I have not only acquired invaluable skills but also gained the confidence to tackle challenging data engineering projects with ease. Whether you're a beginner or looking to level up your expertise, Grow Data Skills is the definitive choice for unlocking your potential in the ever-evolving field of data engineering."

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Parth Shah

Senior Data Engineer - Solera (100% Hike)

Enrolling in the Data Engineer Bootcamp was transformative. Mentor Shashank's detailed and patient instruction, using real-world scenarios, significantly improved my skills. The hands-on projects and peer interactions enriched my experience and expanded my professional network. I am grateful for the expert guidance from all the instructors at Grow Data Skills.

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Tanishk Chaturvedi

Senior Data Engineer - Koantek (30 LPA)

Very Good course, Highly recommend it.

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Ankush Sharma

Data Engineer - Monotype (28 LPA)

"Grow Data Skills Fast Track Data Engineering course theory + hands-on, novice to pro, real value. Shashank's problem-solving, interview prep, personal insights boosted learning. With prior big data knowledge, I excelled in interviews at top firms – Publicis Sapient, Onward Technologies, Monotype Solutions, News Corp, EY, EXl, Quantiphi. Kudos, Shashank and GDS, for invaluable support!"

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Kalpesh Agrawal

Data Engineer - EXL (26 LPA)

"This is to express my heartfelt appreciation for the exceptional guidance and support provided by Grow Data Skills in my journey towards securing job offers. Joining your curriculum has been one of the best decisions I have made, and I am truly grateful for the invaluable skills and knowledge I have gained. And a special thanks for Shashank for his invaluable knowledge that he shared with all of us. Truly an Idol for me in data engineering field."

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Amrita Ghatak

Data Engineer - PWC (25 LPA)

Great training is provided by Shashank. It helped me a lot to understand AWS concepts in detail. He's there to help and guide me whenever I have any queries. Highly recommend GrowDataSkills to everyone.

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Atanu Sarkhel

Data Engineer - Tech Mahindra (23 LPA)

It was an incredible journey with GDS team. They helped me towards finding the right path of Data engineering domain. Finally I'm able to switch my career from ETL automation testing to Data engineering job. Thanks to Sahil and Shashank for this beautiful content on paid courses and as well as on YouTube. Please keep up building the great community on Data field. We are always with you to support and help others on all aspects.

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Data Engineer - Thoughtworks (75% Hike)

I recently completed the AWS DE bootcamp with GDS, and it was an outstanding experience. Despite its quick 1.5-month duration, the course covered AWS services systematically, with hands-on projects of increasing complexity. Our mentor, Shashank, was not only knowledgeable but also incredibly supportive. I highly recommend this bootcamp to anyone looking to enhance their DE skills

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Monty Kumari

Data Engineer - Coforge

"After joining the Grow Data Skills Python Bootcamp For DSA & Data Libraries, as a Big Data Engineer, I've seen remarkable results. I've received multiple job offers, including Coforge and Ecom Express, with impressive 50-60% salary hikes (Coforge, Ecom Express). It's not just about the course, the vibrant community and engaging discussions played a significant role in my success."

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Data Engineer - EY, CGI (21 LPA)

The Data Engineering course from Shashank is an allrounder, where you get to build the base concepts, projects, expert sessions. I would say Hackathon helped me a lot in my interview process. I was able to crack EY, CGI with my hackathon design and understanding of GCP, AWS, Spark, SQL, Airflow. Thanks again Shashank for not just the course but the community you are building.

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Abhishek Tripathi

Data Engineer - Datamatics (21 LPA)

This is to express my heartfelt appreciation for the exceptional guidance and support provided by Grow Data Skills in my journey towards securing job offer in Datamatics.

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Gouri S M

Data Engineer - EXL (21 LPA)

Enrolling in the course was a game-changer for my career.

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Kalyan Chatterjee

Analytics Consultant - EXL (21 LPA)

I wholeheartedly recommend the Grow Data Skills to anyone seeking to excel in Big Data technologies and AWS. The thorough and detailed training was pivotal in transforming my understanding of complex data concepts. Thanks to this bootcamp, I successfully cleared multiple interviews with leading companies such as KPMG, EXL, Nielsen, and Zageno. I'm thrilled to share that I have joined EXL as a Consultant I, receiving nearly a 100% salary hike. It has been a real game changer for me. Thanks Shashank & GDS Team.

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Ashish Yadav

Data Engineer - Sigmoid (19.3 LPA)

The Big Data Engineer bootcamp transformed my career trajectory. In a matter of weeks, I acquired the skills and confidence essential to thrive in the fast-paced realm of big data engineering on AWS. Through immersive projects and expert mentorship, I've honed my abilities in designing and implementing data solutions. I wholeheartedly recommend this bootcamp to anyone aiming to break into AWS big data engineering!

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Abhishek Kumar

Data Engineer - Syrencloud (19 LPA)

"I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Grow Data Skills for honoring me with this prestigious Hall of Fame recognition. This platform has played a pivotal role in my journey toward mastering data engineering. Cleared multiple interviews, 120%+ hike, Deloitte, Hexaware, more in pipeline (Harman, Cognizant, Dell), 100% first round success. Thanks to this course, I'm confident in Data Engineering. Grateful for skills gained, career growth, and proud association with a high-standard platform. Thank you for the honor."

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Ritu Srivastava

Data Engineer - Deloitte (18.25 LPA)

Enrolling in the Data Engineer Bootcamp was transformative, equipping me with essential skills for managing and analyzing data at scale through a meticulously designed curriculum. Mentor Shashank's patience and detailed course design, using real-world use cases, significantly enhanced my learning. The hands-on approach with numerous projects helped me build practical skills, while interacting with peers enriched my experience and expanded my professional network. I'm grateful for the supportive and expert guidance from all the instructors at Grow Data Skills.

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Santosh Shridhar Baggon

Data Engineer - Altimetrik (18 LPA)

This course is highly beneficial for beginners seeking in-depth knowledge in data engineering and equally valuable for experienced professionals like me to refresh concepts and answer questions more effectively. It is a must-recommend course for everyone in the data engineering domain due to its significant ROI.

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Harsh Sharma

Senior Data Engineer - Tejas Networks (17 LPA)

I owe Shashank many thanks for his lovely and highly informative course, which helped me gain the necessary skills and confidence. His teachings helped me secure offers from a few organizations, including Tejas Networks, Chryselys, Win Home Inspection, PW, and a few more. Also the tips and tricks given in the lectures helped me negotiate a three-month notice period and secure a respectable raise.

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Paritosh Thakur

Data Engineer - Virtusa (17 LPA)

I recently upskilled myself and I am thrilled to share my positive experience. The course not only provided a comprehensive understanding of data engineering principles but also stood out for its cutting-edge technology stack, exceptional mentorship and affordable course fee. What truly set this course apart was the mentorship. Shashank is not only highly knowledgeable but also incredibly supportive. His industry insights, real-world examples, and willingness to address queries made the learning experience dynamic and engaging. As a result, I got 250% hike with multiple offers in hand. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking a comprehensive, up-to-date, and mentor-driven learning experience in the field.

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Archana Priyadarshini

GCP Data Engineer - EY (16 LPA)

I would like to thank Shashank and GDS team for their invaluable support and guidance. Thank you for being a great mentor to so many of us and sharing your knowledge to help us grow in our career. I had the privilege of being part of the Grow Data Skills DE Bootcamp Noob 2.0, a transformative course in data engineering. The comprehensive curriculum, including assignments, interview preparation, and hands-on projects, equipped me with the skills needed to succeed. Thanks to this program, I received multiple job offers and grew tremendously in confidence as a data engineer. Thank you so much GDS!

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Pavan Pawar

Data Analyst - BCG (15 LPA)

This is to express my heartfelt appreciation for the exceptional guidance and support provided by Grow Data Skills in my journey towards securing job offers. Joining your curriculum has been one of the best decisions I have made.

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Vishal Ravindra Limgire

Data Engineer - Deloitte (15 LPA)

"Grow Data Skills Data Engineering NooB 1.0 course has been a game-changer in my career, and I couldn't be more grateful for the opportunities it has opened up for me. Before enrolling in the Data Engineering Noob 1.0 course, I had some knowledge and experience of data engineering but I had a strong desire to learn and grow. The course curriculum was well-structured, comprehensive, and easy to follow, even for someone with no prior experience.Shashank is not only experts in the field but also excellent educators.He made complex concepts seem approachable and encouraged active participation and hands-on learning. As result I have confidently moved in Data Engineer Role and cracked interview with 15+ LPA CTC."

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Data Engineer - Deloitte (15 LPA)

Choosing the AWS DE Bootcamp has its own added advantages. This is a complete transition for me. From a Front end developer to AWS data engineer

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Rajupalem Hanumat Srinivas

Data Engineer - Hashedin (15 LPA)

"This is to express my happiness for the excellent guidance and support provided by Grow Data Skills in my journey towards securing a data engineering position, I would like to thank Shashank Sir for being the mentor for this affordable course. I could able learn a lot in data engineering And securing job. Thanks once again to our Shashank sir. "

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Bhupendra Shukla

Data Engineer - Infosys (15 LPA)

Thank you GDS, your course helped me in getting this opportunity. I joined the Noob 1.0 Batch and i have still not completed the course and resuming it from the cloud part. The thinks which i liked the most about this course is the Shashank bhaiya's teaching, well planned syllabus ,duration which is almost 2 months and the cost for the course which is students pocket friendly.

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Jumana Umrethwala

Data Engineer - BCG (15 LPA)

When I came across for the first time that Shashank is launching his first Data Engineering Bootcamp, I joined that course then only without thinking twice, because I was already so sure of his teaching style and honesty, authenticity in the same. This bootcamp is very structured and equips you with a generous number of skills and tools relevant in the data engineering domain. I had a year gap but his kind of course delivery, the community and placement support throughout helped me overcome that and back my year gap with the strength of my skills I learned at GDS and crack an offer at an aspirational firm BCG among few others.

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Prashik Mayur

Data Engineer - Future Generali (15 LPA)

Thanks to all the live lectures, assignments, and projects by Grow Data Skills, I learned about cloud data engineering in detail.

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Krishna Kanth Macherla

Data Engineer - Credera (15 LPA)

Cracked a company ( Credera ) with 15 LPA, I was able to crack with the help of "DE Bootcamp" with practical touch of projects, Shashank did a great Job in handling the sessions, I would suggest taking up this course who has gaps in understanding, or new to Data engineering field to become better.

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Pawan Pal

Data Engineer - BMS (Bristol Myres Squib) (14 LPA)

"Grow Data Skills Fast Track Data Engineering course theory + hands-on, novice to pro, real value. Shashank's problem-solving, interview prep, personal insights boosted learning.The course curriculum was well-structured, comprehensive, and easy to follow, even for someone with no prior experienceWith prior big data knowledge, I excelled in interviews at top firms GrayCellAmerica,Bristol-Myers Squibb – .I have confidently moved in Data Engineer Role and cracked interview with 13+ LPA CTC."

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Vikas Mishra

Data Engineer - Deutsche Telekom Digital Labs (13.5 LPA)

"Shashank is an exceptional teacher. Upon joining the Data Engineering boot camp, I swiftly grasped big data concepts from the fundamentals to advanced topics, thanks to his effective teaching methods. Shashank meticulously covers every topic, providing a thorough understanding. His guidance not only accelerated my learning but also significantly contributed to my success in nearly all the technical interviews I undertook."

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Hemant Kumar Verma

Data Engineer - Poppulo (12.5 LPA)

"As a software engineer looking to transition into the field of big data domain, I couldn't have found a better platform than Grow Data Skills. This platform provided me with comprehensive learning resources and practical hands-on experience in various aspects of Big Data. I highly recommend Grow Data Skills to anyone looking to advance their career in the field of big data and analytics."

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Vinayak Singh Bassan

Data Engineer - Hinduja Global Solutions (100% Hike)

I had the privilege of attending a course on data engineering by Shashank, and it was instrumental in helping me secure a job in the field. Shashank's expertise and teaching style made complex topics like Spark and SQL approachable and engaging. I particularly loved studying these subjects under his guidance, as he ensured that all my concepts were thoroughly clarified. Thanks to this course, I am now confidently applying my knowledge in my new role. I highly recommend Shashank's course to anyone aspiring to excel in data engineering."

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Yogesh Tiwari

Data Engineer - Junglee Games (12 LPA)

"As a software engineer looking to transition into the field of big data domain, I couldn't have found a better platform than Grow Data Skills. This platform provided me with comprehensive learning resources and practical hands-on experience in various aspects of Big Data. I highly recommend Grow Data Skills to anyone looking to advance their career in the field of big data and analytics."

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Vikas Kumar

Data Analyst - Acuity Knowledge Partners (12 LPA)

"I feel proud today also and going forward also as I was part of such an interactive data analytics bootcamp where I honed my skills that helped me to bag good opportunity in the data analytics domain "

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Aman Khandelwal

Senior Data Engineer - ACCENTURE (12 LPA)

I am really thankful to Shashank for his lectures and the way he made big data concepts easier. The topics are on point and projects make experience a lot better. Glad to be part of GDS.

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Roshni Dash

Data Engineer - INFOSYS (10 LPA)

I have completed the Data engineering boot camp 1.0 course, and I couldn't be more impressed. The content was thorough and well-organized, making complex topics easy to understand. Shashank sir was incredibly knowledgeable and approachable, always willing to go the extra mile to ensure every student's success. The interactive sessions and practical exercises provided hands-on experience, which greatly enhanced my learning. I now feel much more confident in applying the skills I've acquired in real-world scenarios and cracking interviews. Thank you to everyone involved in creating and delivering such an outstanding curriculum. Greatfull!!.

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Darshan AS

Data Engineer - Accenture (110% Hike)

Joining the Grow Data Skills Course Bootcamp was a game-changer for me. The hands-on projects, expert-led curriculum and notes gave me the skills and confidence land a job. Highly recommend it for anyone who want a career in data engineering and to upskill.

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Divyanshu Jangra

Data Engineer - BluePi (10 LPA)

I just want to say thank you GrowDataSkills for teaching and supporting me! Every class we had you were so persistent in taking me beyond satisfactory and striving for excellence in my voice and speech in a short space of time. I wish you all the best and if I need any help or advice in regards to voice and speech you’ll be the first I contact! Thank you Shashank. You are simply great at what you do.

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Kiran Kumar Chelli

Data Analyst - YRG Care (9.2 LPA)

"I spent 12 years working in a contract role as a Data Manager for the Government Healthcare Ministry. Despite my dedication, there was little to no growth in that position. When I discovered the Data Analyst role, I realized it was a perfect fit for my skills and experience. However, I lacked the necessary SQL and Python knowledge, as I came from a non-coding background. Thankfully, I found Grow Data Skills and their incredible mentors, Shailja and Shashank. They organized an affordable DA Bootcamp 1.0, complete with live classes, hands-on projects, and invaluable career guidance. This program was a game-changer for me. Now, I've landed a new job with a 200% salary increase from my previous position. It's just the beginning, and I am excited for what the future holds. Thank you, Grow Data Skills, Shailja, and Shashank, for helping me achieve this milestone!"

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Saikushal Amancha

Data Engineer - Safran digit (9 LPA)

I believe it was a good decision to choose this course, as it helped me in all the ways i required to gain knowledge . The session curriculum and the order of the content in the course was too good, assignments and live doubt session for each session helped me a lot to crack interviews and get my doubts resolved. Thanks for the wonderful course and the style of your teaching makes it even better.

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Barath G

Data Engineer - Photon interactive (8 LPA)

"Shashank is great teacher with deep understanding of the Data engineering and technologies associated with data engineering after the regular class there is also doubt clearing session where he clears every doubt and the his class help me crack 1 service based and 1 product based company with salary Hike of 120%. I suggest everyone who looking to upskill them in data engineering to take Shashank Data Engineering Bootcamp and you will be getting gold for the Price of Cotton."

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Pretam Dey

Data Analyst - Genpact (8 LPA)

"My journey from a BPO job to Data Analytics has been transformative – a story of growth and seizing opportunities. I started in customer claims, but my curiosity for data led me to learn Python and data analysis. After courses and certifications, I landed a Data Analyst role, where I learned to work with data sets and generate insights. It was challenging but rewarding. Today, I'm an experienced Data Analyst. This journey taught me persistence, continuous learning, and adaptability. It's proof that with determination and resources, anyone can shift careers. Thank you, Shailja Mishra, Shashank Mishra, and Grow Data Skills. Your positive vibes changed my approach to learning. I'll always be grateful."

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Debojyoti Hazra

Data Engineer - Infinite Computer Solutions (8 LPA)

This is to express my heartfelt appreciation for the exceptional guidance and support provided by Grow Data Skills in my journey, Got stuck at a 4 LPA package for 3 years and finally got this opportunity after trying so hard for last 6 months to crack one offer.

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Rinkal Sachdeva

Data Engineer - Maveric Systems Limited (8 LPA)

"I thoroughly enjoyed the Data Engineer course. It covered a wide range of topics, including MySQL, Big Data fundamentals, Hadoop, Hive, Spark, Cassandra, Kafka, Airflow, and AWS. The course was exceptionally well-structured and informative. The instructors were knowledgeable and provided clear explanations throughout. The hands-on experience with various tools and technologies was invaluable. I feel well-prepared to apply what I've learned in real-world scenarios. Overall, it was an awesome learning experience, and I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in data engineering. I was able to crack Maveric Systems Limited Company with 8 LPA offer."

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Sudeepta Pal

Data Engineer - NIKE (6.5 LPA)

"Shashank Bhaiya is not just an exceptional mentor but also an exceptional role model. Their dedication, work ethic, and passion for data engineering are truly inspiring. I aspire to emulate their drive and determination in my own career apart from this the data engg course that i joined for the NooB 1.0 Batch was exceptional. the points that was admirable was to the point, concept based study, practical assignments. The course teaches from basic to advance level of all the important data engg topics. remaing depends upon your practise, more you practise the more better you will perform in interview. I landed as data engg role in NIKE INDIA as a Fresher after this course."

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Harish Raghupathi

Data Engineer - Aptean (6.5 LPA)

I took a course from Grow Data Skills and had an excellent experience learning various data engineering concepts in a structured and practical manner. The course content is comprehensive, covering everything needed to become a successful data engineer. Special mention to Shashank for teaching each concept with great patience and clarity. The Discord group is also very active, offering plenty of job opening information and a friendly community eager to collaborate and help solve doubts. Overall, I highly recommend this course to anyone interested in data engineering.

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Manish Prajapat

Engineer Tech Support - Nagarro (6 LPA)

Enrolling in the Data Analyst Bootcamp was a turning point in my career. I came in with absolutely no knowledge, and thanks to the incredible instruction from Shailja Mishra and Shashank Mishra, I went from zero to hero in just two months. This newfound skillset landed me not just one, but three job offers within a shockingly short timeframe! I am incredibly grateful for this life-changing experience and the immense dedication of Shailja and Shashank. Thank you both for this incredible gift.

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Shruti Pradeep Ghoradkar

Data Engineer - Taiyō.AI (5 LPA)

The best decision for my carrier was enrolling in DE Noob 2.0 Batch. My journey starts from here learning various Big data tech stacks, Building hands-on projects, and working on different cloud platforms. My whole resume is based on what I have learned from this course. The assignments that sir gave played a very important role because I learned a lot from them like designing pipelines, and use cases of various cloud services depending on need. Grow Data Skills helped me to get my 1st job as a "Data Engineer" I am very thankful to Shashank Mishra sir and his whole team.

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Kuldeep Kushwaa

Data Engineer - Infosys (5 LPA)

"I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to Shashank. I completed the GrowData Skills online Data Engineering course that covered a wide range of essential skills, including SQL, Hadoop, Hive, Kafka, Cassandra, Spark, Data Warehousing,Data Modeling, Airflow, and AWS. Shashank's expertise and engaging teaching style made the learning experience truly exceptional. Due to Data Engineering Course, I got the job as a Data Engineer at Infosys. "

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Data Engineer - Aerobits Pvt. Ltd. (25K Stipend)

Enrolling in the Data Engineering course was a game-changer for me. The hands-on approach and real-world projects not only honed my skills but directly contributed to landing my DSML internship at Aerobits. Grateful for this transformative experience!

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Ankur Shrikrishna Sovani

Graduate Apprentice Trainee (GAT) - Piaggio Vehicles Private Limited

It was quite a journey where I completed my bachelor's in mechanical engineering with a good CGPA being a college department topper. Then things started again with Grow Data Skills for upskilling in the Data Analysis domain. Our mentor Ms. Shailja Mishra was very kind and supportive to us in that 3 months fast-track data analyst boot camp. In that boot camp, we were made industry-ready with Python, SQL, MS Excel, Power BI, and statistical analysis, also with other things like Resume, Interview Preparation, Linkedin, Naukri Guidance, and many more. I am happy to share that, I am starting my professional journey in Piaggio Vehicles Private Limited Baramati as a Graduate Apprentice Trainee (GAT) in the supply chain department. That's the end fruit I consider of my bachelor's degree and then my Upskilling with Grow Data Skills, that's why I was able to crack the good data-related job in a top MNC in Automobile, OEM. I am thankful to our kind and knowledgeable mentor Ms. Shailja Mishra Mam, Our Mr.Shashank Mishra Sir, and all my GDS team.

Namaste 🙏

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